2022 Norway; part 2: Trondheim – Bodø

Trondheim – Bodø #1

Start in beautiful weather 🙏

Soo simple would be the regulation for bike lanes, 👉 !!!! So simply to ride accordingly so 🙏👍

And soo quickly passed the time in this weather…. The day’s destination is reached, Steinkjer 😊

Trondheim – Bodø #2

The weather is getting worse again, during the day more and more dense clouds are increasing 🙈 Fortunately only a little rain 🙏 But perfect asphalt 👍 Unfortunately, at times some large trucks, which passes fortunately very carefully.

There is a bike path further west, but there you have to have the tent with you. Too few or no hotels there. That was the main decision, when I was planning the trip – with or without tent. With a tent I would have given up, ..no fun anymore, ..too much rain… 🌧️🌧️☔

Trondheim – Bodø #3

I come to the northern part of the country “Nord-Norge”. The nature is changing, more birch trees, smaller firs.

You see, the weather is worse again 🙄 Tomorrow it is apparently supposed to rain all day 🌧️🌧️☔ …with temperatures of 8-10 degrees 🙈🤷🏻

Trondheim – Bodø #4

I tried it! ..but after about 1.5 km I realized already, ..it makes not fun today, continuous rain 🌧️🌧️ + headwind 🙄😬 The bus connection to Mo I Rana was very good, uncomplicated here, no problem to take the bicycle in the bus, ..and 95km by bus 🚍

I have just seen that SAS Airlines, with which I booked the flights, has big problems. Strikes for about 10 days 🙄😬🙈 In addition, they have postponed the return flight, without asking 🙄😬🤷🏻‍♂️ Support is not available – due to strikes – not by mail and not by phone. SAS was the only airline offering flights from Switzerland to Bergen (Norway) and from Alta (Norway) back to Switzerland or Frankfurt. With the bicycle, I would have to check out in Oslo, and check in again.. 🙄 Of course, I didn’t want. I don’t know right now if it was a good idea to plan a bike tour in Norway…. Maybe another day of rest tomorrow will bring more motivation.

Mo I Rana

Trondheim – Bodø #5

How could it be otherwise, start in the rain again 🌧️🌧️ and 10 degrees 🙄 Fortunately not continuous rain, sometimes the sun came through 🌦️⛅ The climb, at which is the Arctic Circle was a highlight… 👍

Trondheim – Bodø #6

Start in the dry after a cozy night in a typical Norwegian cabin.

An unbelievable surprise; ..I drive somewhere in Norway above the Arctic Circle, see a woman on the side of the road, not looking confidently to the upcoming tunnel entrance 🤔 ..brake, look if she wants to follow me, yes she does, ..and realize it’s Maya 🤩 ..we know each other!!!! We met in the language school in New Zealand 😂😂 Two years later we meet again somewhere in the north of Norway. Unbelievable! Of course we rode together, went to coffee, ..and told each some stories 😂😂

I then turned onto road no. 80 towards Bodø, it stayed on the E6. Both the same goal… Maybe we will see each other again 😂😂😂

Unfortunately it starts to rain again 🌧️🌧️🌧️🙄


Sun ☀️ in Bodø 🤩

On the ferry to Lofoten

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