2022 Sierra Nevada (Spain)

Already in 2021 I was on a road bike trip in the Savoy Alps with the fun company "Quäldich.de". I really liked it, that'a why I took part the “Sierra Nevada Tour” this fall. The "Pico Veleta", almost 3,400 m above sea level was of course a big challenge...
We were on the road for a total of 9 days, 905 km and around 19,000 meters in altitude.

Altogether we were on the road for 9 days, 905km und about 19'000hm.

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Sierra Navada (42)

2022 Norway: Bergen - Nordkapp

Cold and wet tour in Norway, from Bergen via Lofoten to North Cape:

22 (21) Tours, 2400km and about 25'000 hm

Part 1: Bergen - Trondheim; 709km, 8'150hm
Part 2: Trondheim - Bodø; 631km, 5'910hm
Part 3: Lofoten - Alta; 802km, 8'210hm
Part 4: Alta - Nordkapp; 273km, 3'150hm

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Nordkapp - Mitternacht Sonne 5

2021 Savoy Alps

It was planned a tour on the west coast in America - Pacific West Coast Cycling Trail - because of "Corona" it was unfortunately not possible. The alternative was a 7-day tour in the Rhaetian Alps (see below) and a 7-day tour in the Savoy Alps.
This guided tour in the Savoy Alps by the funny company Quäldich.de was a great addition to the tour in the Rhaetian Alps, which I rode alone. I met many like-minded colleagues and great new friendships have developed.
Of course a few well-known "Tour de France" passes were included, such as the "Col de L'Iseran", "Col du Galibier" ..and many more 😊
In total I rode 821km and 20'089hm in these 7 days.
Finally, I am once again grateful: I had no bike pans, no dangerous situations and no health problems 🙏

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2021.07.29_Col de L'Iseran

2021 Rhaetian Alps

Often it is different from what you imagine. I had a lot of rain ... even more headwind. With a 14kg bike (including luggage, empty drinking bottles) the tour was really tough. Warm clothing was necessary, the touring bike with fixed mudguards and smaller aisles (50-34) - (11-34) was the right thing. I was very happy with the lowest gear!
I was rewarded with a breathtakingly beautiful landscape, great nature, lots of peace and quiet, ...because there was often little traffic.
I liked the “Passo di Gavia” most. The “Prad - Stilfser Joch” ascent was also great, especially because there was unexpectedly little traffic - probably due to unpredictable weather.
In total, I rode 689km and 15'787 meters of altitude in these 7 days.
In the end I am grateful: I had no bike pans, no dangerous situations and no health problems.

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Rätische Alpen

2021 Gran Canaria

I have excellent memories of the Free Motion Tours in 2019. The flight to Gran Canaria was possible despite Corona and fortunately the restaurants were also open. Due to the travel restrictions, there was almost no traffic on the streets and luckily the Free Motion Center also offered day tours. In total, I rode 14 days in a row, 1'394 km and 28'404hm.

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2021.02.23_Mogán - Cruz de San Antonio - Presa de Las Niñas - Ayacata - Fataga

2020 Crossing the Pyrenees


The idea of crossing the Pyrenees came up during an evening trip on the VC-Allschwil. We planned the details together with Daniel Wälchli. I found Daniel's suggested routes just perfect, 100km seems "rather short", but with 2000 to 3000hm they were demanding enough, after all we had to deal with this altitude almost every day. This planning allowed an arrival in the "not too late" afternoon, there was enough time for a cozy aperitif, blog writing and of course time for a cozy get-together at meal + drink in the evening.
In the end, there were a total of 8 stages (plus additional lap in Ax-les-Thermes), 917 km and 21,780 hm elevation gain, ... on average, per 100km about 2,375 hm altitude difference!
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Pyrenäendurchquerung, 4th day: Luz Saint Sauveur - Bagnière-de-Luchon

2020 New Zealand


I was in New Zealand for 2 months. In January, I attended a language course at New Horizon College in Napier. The evening laps in the "Hawkes Bay" region , the 3-day round: Napier-Taihape-Taupo-Napier was a real challenge.
In February I cycled about 2000km on the South Island:
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2019 Scotland

Together with long-time friend Markus we were in Scotland for about 2 weeks with the touring bike. We started in Edinburgh, crossed the "Cairngorms National Park" to Inverness, then we drove further north along the well-known "North Coast 500". The whole route was about 1100km with about 12'000hm.

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Noth Coast 500 - Ullapool

2019 With the "Tret-Lager" through Switzerland

...but what does it mean; "Tret-Lager"...?
- Together with the bike through Switzerland
- Magnificent landscapes and spectacular passes
- Breaks are not neglected, just like the well-deserved rest
- ... and have fun!

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This year there were 6 stages in June, we had super nice and hot summer weather, 836km and 14'080hm

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Tret-Lager Stage 5; Hospental - Sigriswil-Schwanden
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2019 Gran Canaria

Cycling, ...different again. I was stationary for 10 days in a quiet, cozy hotel near Maspalomas, Gran Canaria. The "Free Motion Bike Center" organizes daily tours in different group levels. After a "trial-trip" I liked it so much, finally I rode every day. https://www.free-motion.com/gran-canaria/

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Farewell photo in Ayacata

2018 Northern Spain

A new way to travel ... without maps, etc., planned on "Komoot" and navigated with GPS. The route would hardly have been possible with usual "paper maps", I would definitely have been looking more time for the way than cycling. Unfprtunately, there were unexpected off-road routes despite the "Komoot planned" route used with the option "road bike". My new bike was super suitable, the slighter, wider tyres (28) and fenders were necessary for these tracks. I was on the road for 8 days, a total of 930km with 13,000m. On the 5+6 day I decided for shorter tours.

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Pais Vasco

2018 Kyrgyzstan - Tajikistan

A dream came true ...to travel the mountains of Kyrgyzstan and the "Pamir Highway" Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan in the saddle. I had 2 1/2 month to reach the mountains of Kyrgyzstan the Pamirs.  I started in Bishkek in May and it was still rainy and quite cold, in Dushanbe at the end of the travel  it was up to 43 degrees. The journey filled me with impressive, beautiful experiences with incredibly hospitable people. During the trip I wrote various blogs and posted many impressive pictures about it...
On the "Pamir Highway" in summer, from Dushanbe (Tajikistan) to Osh (Kyrgyzstan) there are several bike tourists every day, often in groups. I my opinion, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan are safe and harmless! The people are extremely hospitable, nice and helpful ? ...your visit also helps people to survive in their poverty!
The attack on bike tourists on Sunday, July 30, 2018 on the "Pamir Highway" near Dushanbe shocked me deeply, I am speechless and sad..., ..., The government of Tajikistan had proclaimed 2018 the "Year of Tourism". Visas for foreigners have been facilitated, and the government has threatened officials in the notoriously corrupt country with harsh punishment for bribing tourists with money. According to the World Bank, around 400,000 foreigners visited in 2015.
Unfortunately, a terrorist attack cannot be prevented these days, whether in Paris, in Berlin (Christmas market), etc. You can also sit comfortably on the Rhine in Basel, attack and be beaten to death. Worrying time...

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Kizil Art Pass, 4290m

2018 Lanzarote - Fuerteventura

I was there for 9 days in February. Absolutely recommended season for bike tours, pleasant climate, temperatures between 15 to 20 degrees. Only 1 day I couldn`t  ride because of bad weather. Road bikes and mountain bikes can be rented in many places. I didn`t see touring bikes or cross bikes (with luggage racks) to rent. That's why I had my own bike with me. So I was able to explore the two islands completely...

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Fuerteventura - Rural Park Betancuria

2017 Narvik (No) - Sundsvall (Se)

Summer in the north, ... 24 hours bright, ... experience the midnight sun above Gällivare, great idea I thought, ...but it was different...

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Northern Sweden: Gällivare - Östersund

2016 Flensburg (De) - Sundsvall (Se)

After several summer tours in the south, I decided to cycle in the northern countries from europe, Denmark and Sweden. The big surprise...

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Sweden Gävleborg - Campsite

2015 Belgrade - Thessaloniki

You hear a lot about the area around Serbia, Kosovo, etc. Not always nice things, especially due to the political situation. If you cycle through, your experience will be completely different. Especially in Kosovo we met a lot of extremely friendly people, I never had any problems. Bulgaria is also very beautiful, amazing landscape, ... almost as beautiful as the "Swiss mountains" 😉

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Rhodope (Bulgaria - Greece)

2014 Sicily - Sardinia

I would like to climb to Etna with my bike, ...briefly thought and hopped on road 🙂 ... Sicily is suitable for cycling, easy to travel, friendly people. There are many bars and restaurants where you can protect yourself from the scorching sun. However, summer is not the best time to ride the bicycle there...

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2013 Van (TR) - Isfahan (IR)

We planned this tour together, with long-time friend Markus. The anticipation was great, we are good friends, we have known each other for many years and we often traveled abroad together. The only problem was, two days before departure we didn`t have a visa (Iran), ...but we were lucky, they arrived by express the day before the trip...

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Iran, near Khoy, Close to Border Turkey

2012 Vienna - Split

The summer of 2012 was hot, ... very hot. At 33 degrees we went from Vienna towards Hungary - Sopron, then further south with the destination "Croatia to the sea"...
Also on this tour I cycled with my friend Markus. When I was creating this page (December 2018) super nice memories come up, ... Thank you Markus 🙂

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Biokovo Nature Park (Croatia) - Sveti Jure

2010 Dubrovnik - Thessaloniki

The idea was to cycle through unknown countries and cultures together with my friend Markus, ... like "when we were young". It was the first bike tour after a family-related "tour break".

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