Rhaetian Alps; 6 + 7th stage

6th stage:

Stelvio Pass (2757m) – Bormio – Passo di Foscagno (2291m) – Passo d’Eira (2209m) – Forcola di Livigno
(2315m) – Bernina Pass (2330m) – Malojapass (1815m) – Chiavenna

The start is cold as expected. Fortunately, I have warm clothes with me:

I’m not motivated on the “Passo di Foscagno”. Lots of traffic and strong headwinds 🙄 But beautiful at the top 😊

The Passo d’Eira (2209m) is almost given for free.

After a small lunch in Livigno, the motivation comes … less traffic, but headwind as before.

Very strong headwind on the Bernina. I also had to press the pedal towards to Pontresina, even the descent 🙄🤪

From St. Moritz to the Malojapass I had a tail wind, which turned on the south side .. 🙄


7th stage:

Chiavenna – Splügenpass (2113m) – Splügen – Thusis – Chur

Comfortable start to the day:

The north wind only blows once on the Splügen Pass towards Chur. 90km headwind 🙄🤪

Happy at the final destination, Chur:


Conclusion of the tour:

Often it is different from what you imagine. I had a lot of rain, …even more headwind. With a 14kg bike (including luggage, empty drinking bottles) the tour was really tough. Warm clothing was necessary, the touring bike with fixed fenders and small gears (50-34) – (11-34) was really needed. I was very happy with the lowest gear!

I was rewarded with a breathtakingly beautiful landscape, great Natur, mostly peace and quiet … because there was often little traffic.

I liked the “Passo di Gavia” best. The “Prad – Stilfser Joch” ascent was also great, especially because there was unexpectedly little traffic – probably due to unpredictable weather.

Finally, I am grateful: I had no bike pans, no dangerous situations and no health problems.

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