2022 Norway; part 3+4: Lofoten – Alta – Nordkapp

Lofoten; Meskenes – Reine

Yesterday I arrived with the ferry from Bodø at the Lofoten. It’s really beautiful up here for the first time ☀️🤩 …amazing weather, fantastic view to the landscape, 24 hours day light,☀️⬆️01:54; ☀️ ⬇️00:35. I rode around a bit and walked, without recording on Strava. Was more taking pictures…

Lofoten – Alta #1

Start in the best weather 🤩 Super tour, most beautiful scenery 😊🙏👍 The partly strong headwind doesn’t matter to me today.

But the weather remains a challenge. Barely arrived in Svolvær (the day’s destination), …it rains again 🌧️🌧️🙈🤷🏻♂️

Lofoten – Alta #2

The E10 road has more traffic and more long tunnels than expected, in addition narrow roads and no bike lanes. That’s why I changed the route. Was very nice, a little longer. Unfortunately, the weather is worse again, I arrived in the rain 🌧️🌧️🤷🏻♂️🙈

Lofoten – Alta #3

Today a quiz question; what does a trained cyclist do when cycling 85km in a steady rain 🌧️🌧️🌧️? Fucking the rain 🖕 push the pedals 💪🦵..no breaks 🤩😂 … 🙄😬 Here’s a big thank you to my VC-Allschwil colleagues who keep me fit 👉🙏🤩 …


Lofoten – Alta #4

Before the turnoff at Bjerkvik (near Narvik) the last decision was made, ..I keep riding to the Nordkapp, …despite the bad weather forecast 👉

…bought something to strengthen for the next few days 🤩..🥃

Lofoten – Alta #5

Amazing, how different already at 200hm the nature is, barren, small trees, etc.. I was surprised that there can be unexpectedly a few hours of sun. Norway as you want it 🤩👍 Once more, I don’t mind a day headwind. I enjoy it, take photos here and there. In the end it was a bit tight to get on the ferry from Lyngseidet – Olderdalen.


Lofoten – Alta #6

Start in beautiful weather, …I mean “no rain”..! I meet first “the guy from france”, which I see again and again, then I meet Theo again too. Both are also on the way to Nordkapp. We saw each other the first time at the ferry to the Lofoten. Theo is now on the same camping. Cool guy, is 68 and did the brevet Paris-Brest in 2019 👍👏👏🙈 Unfortunately arrival in the rain, but we had a enjoyable evening with beer and bike stories together.

Lofoten – Alta #7

A special feeling, when there is more sun at 2am than at 2pm 🙈 Beautiful morning, the few clouds give the light depth, impressive! I tend to wake up very early here in Norway.

A special situation:

Lofoten – Alta 7.5

Luckily I could carry the bike this part through the forest. The alternative would have been to drive back and go through a dangerous 5km tunnel. Without breakdown lane, next to the lane directly the tunnel wall, and officially prohibited for bicycles 🤔🙈

It was very nice day again, but the legs are tired. Therefore, I am happy to arrive in Alta. Rest day before heading to the final part.

Alta – Nordkapp #1

Well eaten, bike cleaned, ready for the start of the last part.

Alta – Nordkapp #2

Happiness comes at the end. Beautiful day, amazing weather, but, ..the Nordkapp Tunnel 🙈 The tunnel is almost 7km long, goes to 210m below sea level and then there is a climb to the sea level with 9% gradient 🙈🙈 I’m happy to be up..! Beautiful weather again, stop at almost every corner and taking pictures…

Alta – Nordkapp #3.

After a few hills the goal is reached the Nordkapp 🤩 Can’t find words, just stand there with my bicycle…. 🙏👍😊

Midnight Sun

Today I was lucky 🤩 I saw the midnight sun in the most beautiful weather and at the most beautiful time (end of July). The sun then barely reaches the horizon. 2-3 days later there is obviously already a sunset and sunrise.

The second luck, it was obviously always cloudy and raining the last few weeks, it was the first visible sunset in 6 weeks..!

The third happiness, a nice woman from the hotel chauffeured me 🙏🤩

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