2021 Gran Canaria

Arrival and 1st day

Everyone knows: traveling has become more difficult because of Covid. Fortunately, everything worked out: The Covid test was negative; I correctly filled out the mandatory "SpTh" app for entry - the resulting QR code was accepted; and finally I installed the "Radar Covid" app nicely.

The advantage is that there are few people at the airport, check-in, etc.

The B & B in Salobre (Montana La Data) gave me a warm welcome:

Now I was ready for the first lap:

Mogán - Presa De Las Niñas - Ayacata - Fataga. Approx. 100km and 2,200 meters.

The coastal road 1 km before Mogán was due to falling rocks still closed. A small unauthorized part - 500m - on the highway in the tunnel was not a problem. The tunnel is well lit, there is a large hard shoulder and you can see the exit through the tunnel. The valley towards Mogán and Presa De Las Niñas was currently very beautiful, unexpected green:

Wonderful memories around Ayacata and Fataga, I was there on 2019...

Nice evening with simple but good food:

2021.02.14_Mogán - Presa De Las Niñas - Ayacata - Fataga

2nd day: Tauro Pass + Ayagaures - Monte Leon; Approx 105km and 1,860m altitude

I went to the "Free Motion Center" on time to book a few guided tours. Bart - the guide - already led many tours in 2019, I was really happy to see him again. The world is small, Urs Brand from Basel was also there ? I've already offered him a little roundtrip with the VC-Allschwil ?

Today's tour to the Tauro Pass was super nice, of course it was a lot of fun in the group. In the afternoon I added an "additional loop" toward Ayagaures - Monte Leon.

A cozy evening in Masplomas:

3rd day: Ayagaures - Monte Leon - Palmitos Park - Salobre - Maspalomas; 85km and 1'440hm

Calima: The Calima (also Kalima ) is a weather condition with an easterly wind on the Canary Islands and on the Cape Verde Islands, which can be simply described as "sand wind from Africa" and the Corresponds to Saharan dust events in Europe.

2021.02.16_Ayagaures - Monte Leon - Palmitos Park - Salobre - Maspalomas

The sand makes breathing harder, so a "shorter lap" was appropriate.

In the evening the sky turned beautiful ... and the "Pasta al Vongole" tasted very good.

4th: Gran Canaria; Ayacata - Pico Las Nieves - Agüimes; 119km, 2'805hm

A Free Motion Tour to the "Pico Las Nieves" . A highlight for every enthusiastic cyclist.

Unfortunately, various routes are closed due to rockslides: Valley of Tears; ?..?..?; Ayacata - Tejeda; theoretically also Ayacata - Presa De Las Niñas, ... but you can get through by bike, you have to carry it over stones for about 100m ?

That’s why we planned this long tour over Artenara together with Urs Brand.

5th day: Mogán - La Aldea de San Nicolas - Artenara - Cruz de Tejeda - Ayacata; 129km, 3'340hm

Many thanks to Urs for this wonderful tour together.

6th day: Agüimes - Temisas - Santa Lucia - San Bartalomé - Fataga; 98km, 1,820 meters of altitude

A classic"Free Motion Tour" ..


The legs are quite tired, a short ride with "Free Motion Tours" with like-minded colleagues is now exactly the right thing:

7th day: Taurito + Ayagaures - Monte Leon; 84km, 1'310hm

Free Motion Tours doesn't offer tours on Sunday at the moment. So I did a little lap alone to "Lomo de Pedro Alfonso", ..."little" but pretty steep ?

8th day: Lomo de Pedro Alfonso + Ayagaures - Monte Leon; 54km, 1'440hm

Impressions of " Montana La Data"

9th day: Soria + Ayagaures - Monte Leon; 110km, 1'805hm

A "Free Motion Tour", similar to last Monday (2nd day), but we rode in the valley towards "Soria" instead of "Tauropass".

Evening in Maspalomas:

I didn't want to do the "Tuesday Free Motion Tour" again, rather I wanted to go to "Cruz de San Antonio" and "Presa de LasNiñas". No cars can drive through a rockfall, therefore no traffic, absolutely "Top Tour"!

10th day: Mogán - Cruz de San Antonio - Presa de Las Niñas - Ayacata - Fataga; 111km, 2'304hm



Unfortunately the "Free Motion Tour" was canceled, there were too few participants, ...I was the only one ?

So I rode the wonderful tour alone:

11th day: Ayacata - Pico Las Nieves - Agüimes; 119km, 2'764hm

2021.02.24_Ayacata - Pico Las Nieves - Agüimes

Green, green, green is all I have ?


At 10.30 in the morning I did the Covid test, and then I wanted to go for a round in the direction of “El Doctoral - Santa Lucia”. I haven't had such a headwind since New Zealand and I absolutely didn't like it. So I turned around and did the tour in reverse. Small disadvantage: same ascent as the day before; Advantage: the wind literally blew me from El Doctoral back to Maspalomas.

12th day: Fataga - San Bartalomé - Santa Lucia - El Doctoral; 101km, 1'910hm

Dinner in "Montana La Data":

2021.02.25_Abend in "Montana La Data"
2021.02.25_Abend in "Montana La Data"


I was very happy that someone else signed up for the “Free Motion Tour”. Driving in groups makes simply more fun ? ...even if it was only a small group ?‍?‍?‍

Actually the tour was planned via Santa Lucia - Agüimes. Because of the rain clouds we decided to go the other way round.

13th day: Mirador de Fataga + Ayagaures - Monte Leon; 90km, 2,039hm

* Photo with Bart Bonne; Guide: Free Motion Tours

14th day: Taurito + Ayagaures - Monte Leon; 84km, 1'310hm

Last tour with "Free Motion Tours" .

AIn the late afternoon I flew back home to Switzerland and came home at midnight, healty and happy...?

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