7th to 9th day

The legs are quite tired, a short ride with “Free Motion Tours” with like-minded colleagues is now exactly the right thing:

7th day: Taurito + Ayagaures – Monte Leon
84km, 1’310hm

Free Motion Tours doesn’t offer tours on Sunday at the moment. So I did a little lap alone to “Lomo de Pedro Alfonso”, …”little” but pretty steep ?

8th day: Lomo de Pedro Alfonso + Ayagaures – Monte Leon
54km, 1’440hm

Impressions of “ Montana La Data

9th day: Soria + Ayagaures – Monte Leon
110km, 1’805hm

A “Free Motion Tour”, similar to last Monday (2nd day), but we rode in the valley towards “Soria” instead of “Tauropass”.

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