2021 Gran Canaria

3rd to 6th day

A cozy evening in Masplomas:

3rd day: Ayagaures – Monte Leon – Palmitos Park – Salobre – Maspalomas
85km and 1’440hm

Calima: The Calima (also Kalima ) is a weather condition with an easterly wind on the Canary Islands and on the Cape Verde Islands, which can be simply described as “sand wind from Africa” and the Corresponds to Saharan dust events in Europe.

The sand makes breathing harder, so a “shorter lap” was appropriate.

Am Abend wurde der Himmel jedoch wunderschön… und die “Pasta al Vongole” schmeckten sehr gut .


4th: Gran Canaria; Ayacata – Pico Las Nieves – Agüimes
119km, 2’805hm

A Free Motion Tour to the “Pico Las Nieves” . A highlight for every enthusiastic cyclist.


Unfortunately, various routes are closed due to rockslides: Valley of Tears; 😢..😢..😬; Ayacata – Tejeda; theoretically also Ayacata – Presa De Las Niñas, … but you can get through by bike, you have to carry it over stones for about 100m 🤔

That’s why we planned this long tour over Artenara together with Urs Brand.

5th day: Mogán – La Aldea de San Nicolas – Artenara – Cruz de Tejeda – Ayacata
129km, 3’340hm

Many thanks to Urs for this wonderful tour together.

6th day: Agüimes – Temisas – Santa Lucia – San Bartalomé – Fataga
98km, 1,820 meters of altitude A classic“Free Motion Tour” ..

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