2nd day: Tauro Pass + Ayagaures – Monte Leon

Nice evening with simple but good food:

2021.02.14_Mogán – Presa De Las Niñas – Ayacata – Fataga

2nd day: Tauro Pass + Ayagaures – Monte Leon

Approx. 105km and 1,860m altitude

I went to the “Free Motion Center” on time to book a few guided tours. Bart – the guide – already led many tours in 2019, I was really happy to see him again. The world is small, Urs Brand from Basel was also there ? I’ve already offered him a little roundtrip with the VC-Allschwil ?

Today’s tour to the Tauro Pass was super nice, of course it was a lot of fun in the group. In the afternoon I added an “additional loop” toward Ayagaures – Monte Leon.

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