2019 Gran Canaria

Routes and report

Routes and report:

The "Free Motion Bikecenter" organizes daily tours. https://www.free-motion.com/gran-canaria/
At first I had enrolled for a day, I didn't know what was coming up..., finally I rode 10 days in the sports level, (March 2019). I liked it, the idea was consistently, joy of cycling and fun at the fitness, no "pressure & pushing"! It was all very well organized, super nice guides and no XXL tours. The Sport Level takes  from 70-100km, start from "Free Motion Bike Center" in Maspalomas. "hobby levels" and "sports levels" started often together and at the first stop we could decide on which level we wanted to continue. The group size was between 6 and 15 per level.
Routes in March 2019
(... incl. directions from the hotel)
Tour: Pico de las Nieves (Wednesday)
Tour: Monte Leon - Cercado de Espino (Thursday)
Tour: Fataga - Santa Lucia (Friday)
Tour: Cruz de San Antonio - San Bartalomé (Saturday)
Tour: Mogan - Valley of Tears (Sunday)
Tour: Temisas - Fataga (Tuesday)