2016 - Flensburg (De), Sundsvall (Se)

Route and report


Flensburg - Faaborg (Fünen) - Maribo (Lolland) - Sorø - Nykøbing Sj Sogn - Helsingør - Helsingborg - Falkenberg - Göteborg - Vänersborg - Mariestad - Karlskoga - Lindesberg - Avesta - Sandviken (bei Gävle) - Söderhamn - Delsbo (Hudiksval) - Sundsvall

Cycle paths Denmark:
-- > www.visitdenmark.de/ de/daenemark/activities/11-national-routes
Kattegattleden, a family-friendly cycle path from Helsingborg to Gothenburg:
-- > https://kattegattleden.se/de/



The big surprise..., I was lucky with the weather 🙂 ...and the roads are very suitable for bicycles. The campsites are generally clean and well equipped with kitchens, etc., ... as I saw later, ...the same in Sweden! The Camping website www.camping.info is very good, always up-to-date and has proven itself very well on my journey. Already the first stages (Flensburg, Funen, Lolland) were really fun. In Denmark there are many well-marked bike paths: www.visitdenmark.de/ de/daenemark/activities/11-national-routes I have avoided the busy areas near Copenhagen and passed on the left, see above. It was really pleasant there, also highly recommended for families, therefore look the website above.


As mentioned, there is also a famous family-friendly bike path from Helsingborg to Göteborg: https://kattegattleden.se/de/  North of Göteborg, towards Vänersborg, you have to find your own way. There are no more cycle paths here. Smaller streets were often not well signposted and I had to look for the route at every corner 🙁  I hated it, so I soon choose "medium-sized roads." I didn't have a GPS device like Garmin at this time. However, I was surprised that there was mostly little traffic on the streets.
On Lake Vänern there are many "very, very beautiful" places with excellent campsites, e.g. Mariestad. The further I went north, the better I liked it ... eternally long sunsets that made the lakes look like paradise. From Karlskoga in the direction of Lindesberg, the traffic decreased significantly, there is also less traffic on main roads.
I was still lucky with the weather, this last part remains in the best memory, see the beautiful pictures in the gallery ...