2014 Sicily - Sardinia

Route and report


Catania - Etna - Enna - Agrigento - Palermo

Cagliari - Oristano - Sassari - Porto Torres


After the long journey in Turkey and Iran we planned (again with Markus) a smaller trip. The weather in the summer of 2014 was a bit "special" in the south, ...everyone said that there had never been a summer like this. The temperatures were rarely above 30 degrees, in Agrigento it even rained briefly. The humidity was enormous, which is not common in Sicily in the summer. Planning the tour in the summer was not a good idea, it would be better to do it in the spring or fall.


We started from Catania and went of course towards Etna. The ascent was very nice, the view towards Catania and the sea was fantastic. The colourful world between flowers, bushes, rocks, etc. was impressive and magnificent. At the top (car park), we continued with the cable car and further on foot. The best view is of course at the top of the volcano crater. However, there are no more plants there, the color variety was more beautiful below.


The onward journey towards Agrigento was quite strenuous because of the high humidity. The villages were always on the hills, ...that meant about 200 meters of altitude at the end of just each day. From Agrigento to the north coast was actually a short way, we made it in 1 day. Palermo surprised us very much, ... without words, see the picture gallery.


From Cagliari we had extremely strong headwinds, and were also disappointed with the monotonous landscape. We lacked motivation, so we took a short distance by train. In hindsight, we realized that we should have ridden in the eastern part. For all those who are in Sardinia by bike, plan the routes in the eastern part! At the end of the tour we had time to lie on the beach for a few days on the north coast...