2012 Vienna - Split


Vienna - Sopron - Balaton - Slavonski Brod - Sarajevo - Mostar - Korcula - Split
Overview: Wien - Split
Stage 1; Vienna - Lake Balaton
Stage 2; Balaton - Slavonski Brod
Stage 3; Slavonsky Brod - Sarajevo
Stage 4; Sarajevo - Split


The summer of 2012 was hot, ...very hot. With a temerature of 33 degrees we started from Vienna towards Hungary - Sopron, then south with the destination "Croatia to the sea"...
Austria - Hungary
The area around "Lake Neusiedlersee" to Sopron is very flat, beautiful vineyards and lovely scenery. From Sopron to Balaton it is very rural, but also there, the land is flat and only a few hills.
Croatia Slavonia
It is astonishing how the consequences of the war were still evident in this area. Many damaged houses are close to new "EU-houses". "EU shell construction houses" should accelerate the return migration of the local population. We were surprised once again in the south on the coast (by the beach), the  difference between Croatia "by the sea" and Croatia "Slavonia" (part in the north).
The roads were not (yet) designed for cyclists in 2012. We wanted to reach the long way to the sea by bicycle, often we had to ride on the main roads, there were no alternatives. If we had confined ourselves to one region, there would certainly have been small roads with less fast traffic, but then we would never have reached the final destination "Split".
The cities of Sarajevo and Mostar are pearls, a visit is absolutely worthwhile, ...even without a bike. In Sarajevo you get the impression that you are a few thousand km further east, in fact it is reminiscent of Istanbul.
A highlight when you come to the sea after such a tour. One the one hand, another world immediately, there are beautiful restaurants everywhere, etc., on the other hand, the tranquility of the rural areas is replaced by a lively tourist activity. Of course, Korcula is beautiful, otherwise it wouldn't attract so many tourists.
For bike freaks; In the nature park "Biokovo" (near Makarska) there is an climb to "Sveti Jure", an absolutely worthwhile day tour from Makarska, see the pictures in the gallery...