2010 Dubrovnik - Thessaloniki

Routes and report


Dubrovnik - Niksic - Podgorica - Shkodra - Burrel - Debar - Ohrid - Bitola - Florina - Thessaloniki
Dubrovnik-Thessaloniki Overview



Together with friend Markus to explore unknown countries and cultures by bike, ...like "when we were young" ? It was the first bike tour after a family-related "tour break".
Bosnia-Herzegovina - Montenegro
In contrast to the open, moving and lively Bosnia-Herzegovina, we experienced Montenegro as closed. We felt we had arrived in a Soviet state, everything nationalized, etc. Old, probably Soviet concrete ruins that were not finished, etc. It was difficult to find a hotel in Niksic, not pretty and expensive. Because of rainy weather, we thought whether we would ride north to the wonderful mountains, or rather south. We chose the route, Albania - Macedonia...
Barely over the border, the life was back on the streets. Unlike Montenegro, it seemed to us that there were no state rules here, everyone would make, sell and buy what they want. Beautifully manicured gardens - almost like in Switzerland ?  Unfortunately, no one clears away the waste, there are huge mountains of waste, plastic and PET dumps - this time "in contrast to Switzerland" These difference can be seen very well in the picture gallery...
Green, green, green, I love it. If it's the same for you, go to Macedonia.
There is a beautiful lake at Ohrid. A fantastic place for holidays and there are not too much tourists!
Funny sight - and confirmation of the "cliché" - is evident on the border with Greece. Border guards in deep chairs under the trees chilling and drinking tea, ...if it was tea!? In contrast to the lively street life in Albania and Macedonia, we had always the feeling that it was Sunday in Greece. It is sad what happened later in Greece and on the border with Macedonia (North Macedonia), but this is another story that does not fit here...