10th to 14th day

Evening in Maspalomas

I didn't want to do the "Tuesday Free Motion Tour" again, rather I wanted to go to "Cruz de San Antonio" and "Presa de LasNiñas". No cars can drive through a rockfall, therefore no traffic, absolutely "Top Tour"!

10th day: Mogán - Cruz de San Antonio - Presa de Las Niñas - Ayacata - Fataga
111km, 2'304hm


Unfortunately the "Free Motion Tour" was canceled, there were too few participants, ...I was the only one ?

So I rode the wonderful tour alone:

11th day: Ayacata – Pico Las Nieves – Agüimes
119km, 2'764hm

2021.02.24_Ayacata - Pico Las Nieves - Agüimes


Green, green, green is all I have ?


At 10.30 in the morning I did the Covid test, and then I wanted to go for a round in the direction of “El Doctoral - Santa Lucia”. I haven't had such a headwind since New Zealand and I absolutely didn't like it. So I turned around and did the tour in reverse. Small disadvantage: same ascent as the day before; Advantage: the wind literally blew me from El Doctoral back to Maspalomas.

12th day: Fataga – San Bartalomé – Santa Lucia – El Doctoral
101km, 1'910hm

Dinner in "Montana La Data":

2021.02.25_Abend in "Montana La Data"
2021.02.25_Abend in "Montana La Data"


I was very happy that someone else signed up for the “Free Motion Tour”. Driving in groups makes simply more fun ? ...even if it was only a small group ?‍?‍?‍

Actually the tour was planned via Santa Lucia - Agüimes. Because of the rain clouds we decided to go the other way round.

13th day: Mirador de Fataga + Ayagaures - Monte Leon
90km, 2,039hm

* Photo with Bart Bonne; Guide: Free Motion Tours


14th Day: Taurito + Ayagaures - Monte Leon
84km, 1'310hm

Last tour with "Free Motion Tours" .

In the late afternoon I flew back home to Switzerland and came home at midnight, healty and happy...?

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